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Music Review: “The Paramount Sessions” Adam Lambert & Steve Cooke

The complete and only official pre-Idol recordings from Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Steve Cooke

The Paramount Sessions

Both of the albums, released in a deluxe, double CD set were cut in the legendary Paramount Studio, the same studio where Led Zeppelin cut legendary records and before Cooke won the Hollywood Music Best Male Vocal award and Lambert was nominated for two Grammy’s.

They were both inked to Musical Services Agreement to showcase songs by songwriter Dunlyn Smith, and had the backing of Madonna and Seal’s bands. Every singer knows that it’s a long way to the top if you want to Rock n Roll!

Since then of course, Adam Lambert has wowed Simon Cowles ears on American Idol, and gone on to be a big, big star, so this is not only a very well done CD, but also a little peek at the talent before it soared with the eagles.

Medley from The Paramount Sessions Adam Lambert and Steve Cooke

Disk one is Lambert singing some very soulful power ballads, before the Glam look took hold. They really show off that talent, his voice really soars on the soprano notes, and it’s easy to see why Idol was knocked out. This guy can really sing.

“Climb” is probably my favorite. A beautiful tune evoking both the fall of a relationship, and asking just how high we must climb before we fall. Lamberts voice really wows all the way through this album, and it’s easy to understand why he has gone on to such success.

There are twenty tracks on the two disks here, and halfway through the sessions, Lambert auditioned for Idol, and got on the show. Cooke, who was initially a backing vocalist, finished the songwriters songs with the same band and it contrast very well with Lamberts work.

Cooke’s disk brings to mind Robert Plants Led Zeppelin work as well as INXS and to my ear, Jon Bon Jovi. “Gravity” is a wonderful ballad with the emphasis on rock. “Radio’ will be another familiar tune, both received this year's Hollywood Music and Media Awards, with "RADIO" for Best Video and "Gravity" for best song in Adult contemporary.

With the success both of these guys have had since they were “singers for hire”, this is a nice addition to the record collection. Beautiful pop rock wizardry, with some of the best musician available, and produced by two time Grammy Winner, Bob Cutarella.

The Dirty Lowdown

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  1. This is great! I couldnt agree more! I just bought the album and it sounds amazing. I have the discs back to back in my player and really get it now that Hello, this is a concept album.

  2. I think Lambert´s fans shouldn´t complain about this release and instead be glad of hearing their idol singing on a bunch of unreleased songs, this is pretty good. Just listen to "Fields" or "Castleman" where Lambert shows what an amazing singer he is.
    Both cd´s features the backing band of Seal and Madonna with Monte Pittman on guitar, Marcus Brown on bass/keyboards and Steve Sidelnyk on drums. The style of the music can be described as classic rock with a touch of americana, I really like Steve Cooke´s voice that reminds of Chris Rea meets Dan Lucas and at times, also Jimmy Barnes. Melodic Net

  3. Yes, I have to agree. Actually they have done a lot of work to Adams tracks. The mixes sound great now (I heard the songs at an earlier stage on Take 1). Under the midday sun is new to me, ok, love the ending, very creative. There is a lot of extra outtakes and extended longplays here with vocals I've never heard from Adam, certainly not on Take 1. So they must have held a lot back. Steve Cooke can sing really well, there is some long powerful notes, so no wonder he was Adams label buddy. Someone there had good ears. I think the production s better on Cookes album. My favourite is For Cello, Almost Home, Climb, Want and Fields.

  4. Glad you guys (and girls) like it I really enjoyed the album, and Lambert has a great career ahead of him.I enjoyed the contrast between Lambert and Cooke. The rumor is out that Lambert is going to be the singer for the up coming Queen reunion/extravaganza, and that should be interesting. He should be able to cover Freddie Mercury's parts well.

    RC- The Dirty Lowdown

  5. OMG LOL! So much misinformation on this blog and in the comments I just have to laugh. Lambert is not going to be the lead singer for The Queen Extravaganza. He performed with them at the MTV EMAs and is said to be in talks to maybe do a few more shows with them. Right NOW his NEW single 'Better Than I KNow Myself' is coming out any day and his NEW album 'TRESPASSING' will be out early 2012

  6. hiya OMG Anon, perhaps I got that wrong, but let me redirect you to two sources. First a dictionary defining "Rumor Has It" and secondly, The Billboard article published this week dec 6 where Lambert and Roger Taylor announce it. as for the other info in your comment, I fail to see what that has to do with the rest of the blog. http://www.billboard.com/news/queen-adam-lambert-roger-taylor-talks-possible-1005623752.story#

  7. I agree, someone really doesnt know what they are talking about. The Queen talks have been going on for a while now and thats great. Adam and Steve are amazing singers!

  8. I was really knocked out by both of them. Lamberts voice is really amazing in range and in his delivery, even cooke said he was knocked out the first time he heard him, and Steve's no slouch either. I was real glad the record company talked me into reviewing this one.