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CD Review: “Show Me How To Live” by Royal Hunt



Show Me How To Live

Reunited with vocalist DC Cooper, this progressive metal band known for their melodic symphonic presentations release their eleventh studio album, Show Me How To Live available everywhere on November 29th.

Hailing from Denmark, their sound has a pinch of Moody Blues and with keyboardist Andre Andersen driving the sound, as well as writing the bulk of the songs, they are surprisingly accessible to the non metal fan. Andersons voice is one of the best in hard rock. His range and warmth  make it all worth it.

The current line up is André Andersen – keyboards, D.C. Cooper – vocals, Allan Sørensen – drums, Andreas Passmark – bass, and Jonas Larsen – guitars. The songs here are a lush, highly melodic mix and at time beautiful in the vocal harmonies.

“Show Me How To Live” album trailer by Royal Hunt

The tracks included here are “One More Day”; “Another Man Down”; “An Empty Shell”; “Hard Rain's Coming”; “Half Past Loneliness”; “Show Me How To Live”; and “Angel's Gone”.

“Hard Rain’s Coming” is probably my favorite. The vocals soar and the arrangement is stunning. RH1 promo 2011

“Half Past Loneliness” is another favorite, reminding me in the opening bass line of a Genesis tune. Filled with driving guitar and a slow keyboard line over the bridge, the song is custom built for the radio.

The title tune is also another winner, it’s a slower tune and maybe more symphonic in nature, with shredding guitar and high flying synthesizer throughout.

Formed in the early 90s, the two albums that they have released with American singer DC Cooper; are the ones that mostly stood the test of time: “Moving Target” in 1995 and the subsequent concept album “Paradox” in 1997. Now, reunited with Cooper they are ready to make another impression on the hard rock world. Check their website for shows and further works.


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