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CD Review: “Vanity Is Forever” Geoffrey O’Connor

Vanity Is Forever

Geoffrey O'Connor Vanity Is Forever

Euphoric, dreamy synth-pop from the front man of Australia’s Crayon Fields, Vanity Is Forever draws favorable comparisons to ‘60s bands, The Beach Boys, The Association and The Zombies. And later bands like Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, think Lou Reed meets a synthesizer. O’Connor’s voice is perfect for delivering songs of fractured romance and lustful yearnings with kinky translations left to the listeners own ear.

Bedroom pop? Yeah, you can break out the satin sheets and the love oil for this one, and light a few perfumed candles. But, adult, late night innuendo aside, O’Connor delivers a nice piece of pop ear candy. Here’s the video for the first track:

“I’m Sorry” Geoffrey O’Connor from the album “Vanity Is Forever”

O’Connor has a voice that reminds me of ‘70s David Bowie, without the strength to go real low, but it is just as cynical and detached. In “So Sorry” you get the feeling that he isn’t. In “Things I Shouldn’t Do” (track three) the impression is that he admits this while doing them. He finally comes clean in “Proud” another tasty, if a slightly more up tempo track.

A humble hedonist with a midnight agenda, and the ladies will love it, and the guys will love the music and the fact that the ladies love it. Here’s track 2, and the middle piece in the sexy, steamy video trilogy.

“Whatever Leads Me To You” Geoffrey O’Connor

Having just returned from a successful U.S. tour, opening for Jens Lekman, O’Connor seems to have enamored the American audience, as well as the F.M. Dee Jays and would appear to be on the right track to ride his voice and song writing talent to the top of the pop ladder. “Now And Then’ (track 6) is another outstanding track with a slow Morpheus beat and once again proving,  Vanity Is Forever. Fix your favorite adult beverage, turn down the lights and grab a seat next to that special someone. And don’t forget the silk scarves.


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