Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Shopping That Support Our Troops!

Shop the USO Wishbook and give a gift today

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Holiday Shopping That Supports Our Troops

Make a wish come true for the troops by finishing your holiday shopping on the USO Wishbook.
You pick the gift you want to send to the frontlines, troops serving far from home get to enjoy a taste of the holiday spirit, and the people you’re buying for get a heart-warming e-card about your special gift for the troops. It's win-win-win!

Shop the USO Wishbook

A World of Words ($15)

A good book is a well deserved break and distraction for our troops. You can add a book to the library in centers and bases all over the world -- making sure that no matter where our troops are, they have a good book close at hand.

A Phone Call Home ($25)

The sound of a loved one's voice can truly lift our spirits. You can bring that joy to our troops and their families today.


Remember a Fallen Hero ($50)

Losing a loved one is never easy. That's especially true for our brave and courageous military families. You can help ease their pain and honor their loved one’s sacrifice with a memory box, filled with comforting items like a journal, stuffed animal and a special coping DVD.

Deck the Halls ($100)

Provide some holiday cheer and make sure our troops know they are at home in our hearts with this holiday box.

Shop the USO Wishbook


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