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2 New Rap/Hip-Hop Videos from 5ive Star & Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson “The Art Of Rap”

The Art of Rap

Ice-T's directorial debut, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, on DVD & Digital 9/18

Viewers are taken on a personal journey into the craft and skills of rap, and what goes on inside the minds and erupts from the pens of rap legends, when Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, Ice-T’s critically-acclaimed film, debuts on DVD, Digital, and Video on Demand on September 18th. Directed and hosted by rap legend Ice-T, the release of The Art of Rap on DVD follows the documentary’s premier at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and successful theatrical runs in the United States and England.
A performance documentary about the runaway juggernaut that is hip-hop, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap features some of the genre’s biggest talents, including Chuck D, Grandmaster Caz, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Melle Mel, Q-Tip, Redman, Mos Def, Afrika Bambaataa, B Real, Immortal Technique, Ice Cube, MC Lyte, Nas, Dr. Dre, KRS One, Common and Kanye West.
The film has won raves from hip-hop specialists and more mainstream media alike.’s Tim Sanchez wrote, “Ice-T has produced one of the finest and most detailed film documentaries about Hip-Hop in existence…a source of inspiration and education for all Hip-Hop fans young and old.” Time Out London’s Tom Huddleston wrote, “On the big screen, the sheer force and energy of these poets is extraordinary. These guys are legends for a reason.”

“The Art Of Rap” Historical Perspectives–Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson

“Rap is an American art form and it needs respect,” Ice-T said in a recent interview with Hip-Hop Weekly. “I wanted to do a film that makes people totally understand how great it is to me. Rap saved my life. So I called my friends up and asked if they’d be in my movie: ‘I’m not gonna ask you about the money, the cars, the jewelry, the beef. I just wanna ask you about the craft.’ It was a labor of love.”

  • CO-DIRECTOR: Andy Baybutt
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • GENRE: Documentary
  • RUN-TME: 111 Minutes
  • STUDIO: Indomina Releasingart of rap



  • Commentaries by Ice-T and producer Paul Toogood
  • Outtakes featuring Dr. Dre, Eminem, Ice Cube, Kanye West, KRS-One, Busy Bee, Craig G., Jim Jones, Too Short, Diabolic, CNN, Trigga Da Gambler and Smooth Da Hustler, Just-Ice, Freddie Foxx, Tash of Tha Alkaholiks, King Tee.
  • “The Making Of Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap.” A Historical Perspective with Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson, Assistant Professor, Black Studies Department, University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • QR Code inside packaging unlocks additional bonus features online.


5ive Star recites a spoken word tribute titled, "Katrina" on the 7th solemn anniversary of the hurricane that devastated New Orleans in 2005.

5ive Star–Katrina

“Making music is as natural to me as breathing.  It’s the result of realizing my true self,” says the multi-talented 5ive Star. The gifted vocalist, songwriter and lyricist is on the verge of mainstream success. Raised in South Florida but born in Cali, 5ive Star delivers hardcore grit with crossover appeal, destined to penetrate the music industry with his innovative and fresh sound.  Only 25, he is an artist that defies labels, refuses to conform to clichés and set to wow the world. 

His humble beginnings began in South Florida, first gaining notoriety as a spoken-word artist for major franchises such as Nike and McDonalds.  He captivated audiences with introspective lyrics and memorable performances.  5ive managed to give Nike and McDonald’s some soul. 

In case you missed it - check out 5ive Star's new music video "What They Think". Featured on,,,,, & more!

“What They Think” Official Video

"This was something I came up with as a concept to say just be yourself. I wanted to confront stereotypes and really make people feel uncomfortable in a way - as many feel about me doing me. It's a statement on individuality and being comfortable with who you are as a person, enough to show yourself to the world regardless of what people think about you." - 5ive Star

But 5ive’s true calling was music, picking up inspiration in every corner of America, a testament to his diverse upbringing. In his sound, you hear the rock and soul of Prince, the aggression of Notorious B.I.G. and the smooth R&B of Aaliyah. Making his rounds on the mix-tape circuit, his first single release, “Get To Know U,” produced by Jimi Kendrix (Jay Z, 50 Cent), sparked a buzz.  With no major label support, tracks like "Club To The Bedroom" and "SOS,” were featured on radio stations across the country, further establishing his universal appeal.

5ive’s breakthrough moment was catching the ear of seven-time Grammy winning producer Ken Lewis (Kanye West, John Legend), who worked on the upcoming album I AM…5IVE STAR.  “The album is about making great music!” stresses 5ive.  “It’s for all music lovers. I AM…5IVE STAR represents a blend of music and styles that are totally original.” There is no better example of 5ive’s diverse musical talents than in the current single “What They Think.”  The head-nodding track is infectious on the first listen with its catchy hook and pitch-perfect harmonies.  5ive Star playfully warns, “I think everyone better brace for impact!” With a concept-heavy video, the movement surely has begun.


5ive Star stands for five elements of artistry:  emcee, singer, songwriter, spoken-word artist and producer. 2012 is the year of 5ive Star; his originality and passion will top the Billboard charts. “It’s time to lead music into a new direction,” says 5ive.  Although rooted in hip-hop, he is an artist who represents the new model of music. Gone are the days when music was regulated to black or white, East Coast or West Coast.  5ive Star is the future, a unification of rock, pop, hip-hop and soul.

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