Friday, August 17, 2012

Music Scene : Ashley Fayth Release New Video for the song for "Peanut Butter"

Ashley Fayth

Last December I had the privilege of listening to, and reviewing Canadian Folk/Pop Singer Ashley Fayth’s charming album, Wonder, Wonder. At that time I had this to say, “With a simple opening of the heart, an innocence observation of the world, and just a little Wonder, Wonder about what is out there. Oh, and “Peanut Butter” …

The album still sits near the top of my playlist.It’s a colorful collection of stories about people, seasons, mad scientists, books, heartbreak, and home and that aforementioned peanut butter. Her lyrics are quirky without being weird, poetic without being high brow, and heart warming without being overly sentimental.

here’s where the peanut butter comes in. The song, “Peanut Butter” is a cute little, humorous and heartwarming song that gathered a lot of momentum. So, she finally got around to making a music video for the song. take a look.

Ashley Fayth “Peanut Butter” from the album “Wonder, Wonder”


Not only is the video great and a lot of fun, but  every time you share this video on Facebook or Twitter (make sure you tag Ashley – FacebookTwitter -so she can easily track your share), you'll be entered in a draw to win a  £50 iTunes voucher ($75 Canadian/US), and a signed copy of Wonder Wonder.

We'll be announcing the winner on the 1st September! A big thank you goes out to the people who helped to create it, especially to Leigh Davies and Kai Lena!  

so, there you go. not only do you get a great music video, but by spreading it through Facebook and Twitter you’ll be entered to win some iBuck and a copy of the album signed by Ashley. And while you are it, check out her website.


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