Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing LitFactor: a new social community for unpublished authors set to transform Literary Agent submissions

I caught a press release for this web site this morning and thought I’d share it with all the authors and aspiring authors out there. It looks like it could be a valuable resource.


Today we are announcing the soft launch of LitFactor, the world's first online social community designed to unite writers and Literary
Agents in the name of new writing.

For the first time, Authors will be able to rate and review the agents they apply to. LitFactor believes that writers should be given the
opportunity to speak as a whole, not just with a small voice at the end of a letter.

We want to simplify the submissions process for Literary Agents too,
making it much easier for them to find that bestseller-in-waiting
by opening up and streamlining the process, keeping authors and agents
connected and up to date, enabling them to share news and information.

top%20a%20sign%20up%20boxLitFactor is an exciting new step into the future of publishing; we hope you'll join us on the journey at

LitFactor is currently in BETA version and will be rolling out lots of fantastic new added content and functions over the next few months.

For more information on LitFactor, please contact me directly.

Kind regards
Hayley Radford, Director of Marketing, Authoright PR


  1. just signed up and i can't wait to get started X)

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