Friday, February 17, 2012

Free eBook for American Readers from Mike Faricy!

Chow For Now Spcl

For all my US readers. Today thru Saturday Amazon is offering a FREE download of Chow For Now. Crime fiction written with a sense of humor and even a little romance. Please get your copy and then tell 2-300 of your closest friends. Thanks, The US link follows Get It Now, Free!

“Sometime private eye, Dickie Mullins would be a lot better off if only he ignored ex-wife Rae Nell's get rich schemes. But then, that's not how Dickie operates. Rae Nell has just been hired by rip-off artist Terry Taggert to promote his unique line of steaks. What better way to introduce the dining public than an open house at Dickie's Emporium of Dance, a meat market of a slightly different nature. By the time the open house is concluded Rae Nell's fling with her boss Terry Taggert has erupted into a very public affair and Terry's wife, heiress Helen Hardy, is looking for justice. Meanwhile, Terry's assistant, Luther Suggs, is increasing the body count just as the health department closes down Dickie's Emporium of Dance. Did we mention the fur coat scandal? Fortunately for Dickie his girlfriend D.J. is still talking to him, and eventually he listens.
You're hooked from the first page to the final word of this hilarious read. Hang on tight for plot twists and turns sprinkled with wonderful surprises along the way. Another magnificent cast of Faricy's madcap characters and incredibly fast moving action make this a must read.”

Mike Faricy

"Faricy is America's hottest new mystery writer..." The Dirty Lowdown
"Lucky us - A hilarious tale, completely entertaining..." The Irish Gazette
"Delightfully amazing... You have to wonder what's going on in there..."
The Crime Wave
"Suspenseful crime fiction with a sense of humor and romance... Faricy is the Carl Hiaasen of Minnesota." Jail House Talk !


The Dirty Lowdown

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