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CD Review: “Lights Out” by Big Deal


Lights Out

What happens when surf legend Dick Dale’s guitar tech meets an English school girl from an artistic household? Sounds like a movie script, doesn’t it? Well, I’ll tell you what happens, because it’s a Big Deal.

Alice Costelloe  is that English school girl. Her grandmother gave her a guitar when she was six, and she still composes on it, even though it’s too small. Her voice is dreamy. Beguiling, Sweet even. But the lyrics aren’t all sweet and innocent. While captivating, the lyrics are real. Dealing with real  life doubts, emotions and inanities.

“I’m just hoping you slip up, Miss a step, fall into my arms, Mess with my head”

The second half of this duet is American Kacey Underwood. A rebellious rock n roller from the California desert who grew up on Zeppelin, Hendrix, Metallica and Depeche Mode. His was a strict, religious family. He taught himself guitar when he found his brothers guitar hidden under a bed. He hit the road, and eventually became Dick Dale’s guitar tech. He quit that job for an English education at Cambridge, but school wasn’t in his blood. He dropped out and eventually earned a living in his band, Little Death. He taught music at a girls school to make ends meet and that is where he met Alice.

I’ll make it work, you’re cool like Kurt”

They hit it off well, they started writing songs together, and Alice’s family became Kacey’s second family. From the first track, a picture of a stripped down Fairport Convention and an unplugged Nirvana entered my head. The music has a folk feel but is deeply personal rather than social commentary. The chemistry is captivating. When you hit play, get ready to stop whatever you are doing and listen. The songs are infectious.

“Chair” Big Deal

Big Deal consists of one acoustic guitar and one electric guitar. It’s honest music, it’s about the song. It’s captivating, but restrained. The songs sound as if they were com- posed in the bedroom and the emotion is flammable and the flame is mesmerizing.

“I’m a mess, I’m a wreck, But you wouldn’t know it ‘cause I’m at my best when with you”

18 months after they met. Many shows behind them and Big Deal offers up Lights Out. Released on January 24th it’s their debut album. No doubt, we’ll be hearing from this couple for a good long while, and that is beautiful to think about.

“Distant Neighborhood”

If you want to catch them in concert, here are the dates and venues. For up to date info on appearances, check their Facebook Page:

Upcoming Tour Dates:

3/11--The Glasslands with 2:54--Brooklyn, NY

3/12--The Mercury Lounge with 2:54--New York, NY

3/13--3/18----SXSW---Austin, TX

3/20--Echo with 2:54--Los Angeles, CA

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