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The Perfect Assassin by Ward Larsen free in exchange for a review on & Barnes and

Ocean View

Oceanview Publishing is offering The Perfect Assassin by Ward Larsen free in exchange for a review on & 

In the middle of the Atlantic, Christine makes an incredible discovery - a man narrowly clinging to his life in the frigid waters. With only minutes left to survive in the icy temperatures, the man barely escapes death as he is rescued by Christine. But there is more to this unlikely survivor than meets the eye. Much more.

David Slaton is a Kidon - a highly-trained, highly-precise, and highly-dangerous Israeli assassin. Christine's world begins to capsize: she quickly goes from rescuer to the one in need of rescue as the Kidon hijacks her boat to England.

Peril on the high seas ensues as Christine is forced into an unlikely and tenuous partnership with the Kidon. But in this world, things are not as they seem; David Slaton is both the hunter and the hunted, and he and Christine are in grave danger. Targeted by a ruthless, sinister and lethal organization, the two are forced to run from unrelenting terrorists, the police and their governments.

But there is even more at stake: a mysterious ship and its dangerous and deadly cargo have disappeared without a trace. Accidental deaths appear not to have been accidents at all. The Kidon knows too much about a sinister terrorist cell planning to bring the world to its knees. Will the Kidon win in this race against time?

With the precision of a sharpshooter, author Ward Larsen weaves an intricate tale of espionage and intrigue. The Perfect Assassin is full of high-octane action that will leave readers breathless until the final, shocking line. Ward Larsen writes with uncanny dexterity, able to seamlessly fuse pulse-racing action, and shocking revelations with a very real cast of characters.


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