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CD Review: “Age Of Rebellion” by Diamante



Diamante Bovelli is touted as the next big star of the rock/pop world, and with good reason.

At 15 years old, she brings a big, rangy voice that reaches all those hard places to reach vocally. From that sassy place in blues, to the rock n roll highs. And let us not forget that punk-sneer mixed with angst.

Add that to a stage presence that belies her years, an ear for, and influences by, some of the most important female rock/pop singers to grace our ears for the past 20-30 years, and she is starting from a good place.

Fresh off a summer vacation that saw her headlining “The NoBully Tour 2011”, and running the asphalt all over the east coast from New York to Florida, she took a deep breathe and managed to put her new single, “Impossible” on the top of the spin list of Indie rock DJs from coast to coast.

“Impossible’ by Diamante

This EP, allows Diamante to show off her range of vocal talent on five songs, four she had a hand in writing, and Stevie Nicks iconic anthem, “Edge Of Seventeen”. Although her voice is undisciplined in places, her innate feel for the spirit of the music, and her stage presence makes her a lucky vocalist, just waiting for the right guiding hand, and the experience of delivering to an audience.DIAMANTE Official Album Cover

The EP opens with “Just For One Day”, an anthemic ballad, a self penned tune of coming of age and finding love. The song suffers a bit from over production, but she delivers it with authority. On “Edge Of Seventeen” you can hear her respect for one of the iconic female voices of our time, Stevie Nicks, Though she is a bit ambitious in covering ‘The Welsh Witch’ on this tune, I simply loved her version. Any of the YouTube offerings are not a good indication of what Diamante can do with this tune; the EP version is great and makes you realize we are possibly hearing a future superstar.

She forces the lyric at times, perhaps not quite catching the nuances of the song, but again, giving a first class cover. The EP version gives no musical credits and I can only trust my ear to hear a lot of ProTools, but what that does tell us is that with the right musicians, and a musical director, this tune is custom made for her.Folder

“Spinnin’ Around” is another self penned tune that displays her maturity, and pop music ear as a song writer, and “Theatre Ghost” a wonderful haunting tune does the same.

The album ends, of course, with the title tune, “Age Of Rebellion” . Another Diamante song.

It’s a show stopper, and maybe most because it seems so personal to her. She is at the age of rebellion, perhaps artistically, perhaps just because she has the talent to eventually rebel and triumph over the stereotypes. In more ways that one, that decision lays in her hands, and in her voice and song writing talent. Either way, this is a young lady to watch and listen for.

“Age Of Rebellion” Diamante Bovelli

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