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CD Review: “Stark” by Cherri Bomb

Cherri Bomb

                                                   Cherri Bomb Stark

They have been hailed as one of the hottest up and coming bands out of Los Angles. Kerrang Magazine called them “10 New Bands You Must See”. They are hard rockers, in your face, they had the music media industry falling over themselves on the recent European Festival tour. And they are one of the youngest bands on the scene.

Did I mention they are an all girl band? Sure, it’s been done before. The Runaways, with Joan Jett comes to mind right away. And in many ways Cherri Bomb share a similar music approach. And, it might be mentioned that the song that first set the young crowds on fire from the Runaways was titled, Cheery Bomb. Of course, The Runaways were originally a power trio and Cherri Bomb are a quartet. Julia Pierce, lead singer and guitarist , Nia Lovelis – the fearless, hard-hitting drummer, Rena Lovelis, Nia's younger sister on the bass, and Miranda Miller on keys, guitar and vocal harmonies. Together, they are an exciting band channeling punk, hard rock, and just enough pop to grab the attention of the DJs and radio listener.

Cherri Bomb “The Pretender from Stark the debut EP”

Fresh off that European tour I mentioned above, they have released Stark their debut EP, released on Oct 18, here in the states. It’s a helluva an intro for a band we can only hope to hear more from.

Don’t think these ladies are riding the wave of the novelty of an all girl band to the top. They are amazingly musical, creative and you have to love their originals as well as the covers. They open with the hard driving, loud “Mirror Mirror” then comes one of my favorites, “Already Dead” which opens with a shuffle rhythm in stop time before the vocals kick in amongst the distorted guitars. Kind of reminds you a a Joan Jett tune. It’s an ode to love that is “Already dead..” then comes a no hold barred, wide open drag race into “Let It Go”. There are some good lyrics here, and the tune should get the attention of the FM Radio crowd. Great guitar work here that just soars. then comes one of the more head banging tunes on the EP, “Spin” had the mosh pit over flowing at the U.K.’s Sonisphere. This is another that is ‘single’ ready.

This impressive debut ends up with a cover of The Foo Fighters “The Pretender” which I am afraid to say, they made their own. The keyboard intro is nice, the vocals scream, and the guitar hook is well done. I’ve included the official video above.

I have a feeling these girls are going to go far, and Hollywood Records hit a homerun by grabbing them up. They’ll soon be back in L.A. to cut a full length LP for 2012 debut. mean time, get this EP and follow along at their website.

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  1. Nice. But there is no keyboard intro on The Pretender. That's all guitar.