Monday, October 17, 2011

Music Review: Lira–new EP Available Now

Lira EP


She’s the top selling musical artist in Africa and was recently featured on African Idol (the equivalent of American Idol). She possesses a voice that is soulful, jazzy and stands on the ladder with the best of the Pop- R&B world. And she is about to come to the U.S. with a tour schedule for February.

Lira–Feel Good

Her voice and delivery reminds me of one of my favorite modern jazz vocalists, Randy Crawford of “Street Life” fame. What’s more her music is pertinent and has a social awareness that makes it even better.Not just a pop songstress but a voice for the world as well as her home. Listen to “Rise Again” and you’ll see what I mean:

Lira “Rise Again”

You can get the EP here: Lira and The full length 14 song album, Rise Again will be released January 31st.  I have listened to the album, before final mastering and it is just out of this world, so put it on your calendar and go up and click “Follow” or sign up for the Email notifications and you’ll hear it here, first.

I’ll keep you informed of concert dates and venues as well. This lady just knocks me out, and I am told – or perhaps enticed – that she’ll be playing Portland in February…that’s…

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