Monday, September 26, 2011

Amazon To Announce New Tablet?

It’s long been rumored that Amazon.Com was working on a Tablet, most likely based on the open source Android OS. Now that Amazon has announced a press conference for September 28, the tech world is a buzz about the possible new iPad killer.


For a device which, though it is an open secret about it’s development, little is known about from a technical point of view it has kept the media on it’s toes.

Rumored to be based on a tweaked version of Android (no one is saying what ‘flavor’) and having a 7 inch color touch screen that is  backlit, it is highly anticipated to have the best chance yet to cut into Apple’s iPad market.

Others have tried and failed. Most ingloriously, the HP TouchPad hit the market and then was shut down after only forty-nine days. The reason most often stated for others to have failed to make a dent is the price point. Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Motorola's  Xoom both hit the market above the iPad in price and are barely hanging on to a share. If Amazon can undercut the iPad, they could become the brand identified with Android Tablets. The other determining factor on the Tablet Wars will be whether Amazon can keep up with demand. Did they bet the pot by investing in enough units for an initial release?

Amazon has for nearly a year now deployed the Kindle Wi-Fi with experimental, and pretty pedestrian, Tablet powers; a simple browser, the ability to interface with popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as post Bookmarks and Highlighted sections of Kindle eBooks to your status on those sites. Apparently, their experiments went well. We’ll find out on Wednesday. Just in time for the weekend rush, not to mention Holiday Shopping Season.


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