Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Is Not Your Mother Yom Kippur Song - Yoshi Fruchter and Pitom "Ki Anu Amekha."

PitomJust in time for Yom Kippur (October 8), guitarist Yoshi Fruchter and Pitom, "equal parts jazz school, seminary school, and 'Nirvana's school," (Village Voice) release their blistering new single, "Ki Anu Amekha."  With text from Yom Kippur liturgy, this variation on a traditional Hasidic melody explores  the holiday's themes of forgiveness and redemption.


You can listen to, or download the tune from SoundCloud. And here’s the video.

Yoshie Fruchter & Pitom “Ki Anu Amekha”

Forgiveness and redemption are also themes on Pitom's recent Tzadik release, Blasphemy & Other Serious Crimes , a sonic homage to Yom Kippur.

Love and other serious crimes

With their unique blend of punk, noise, rock, metal and jazz, all filtered through the Jewish tradition, Pitom is already at the forefront of contemporary Jewish music and beyond.

"A rocking band performing catchy, hooky compositions that both pay tribute to and challenge the Jewish tradition... Pitom is a hard-edged new addition to the legacy of Radical Jewish Culture." - John Zorn

"...guitarist Yoshi Fruchter mixes grunge, jazz, Zappa, noise-rock and a dollop of surf music with Jewish modes and scales to create a loud, raucous album full of noise and virtuosity. A dazzling debut." - Jim Fusilli, Wall Street Journal.

This is some interesting sound. Jazz-Punk with Cultural homage being paid to their Jewish heritage. I’ll be reviewing the album soon, but wanted to share this before Yom Kippur. Check out Pitom’s web site.

The Dirty Lowdown

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