Friday, March 25, 2011

House of Skin by Kiana Davenport

House of Skin K Davenport

Until a few hours ago I had never heard of this book or for that matter, the author, Kiana Davenport. But thanks to the power of the internet, and author and eBook revolutionary, J.A. Konrath I became very familiar with both. Joe publishes a blog, A Newby’s Guide To Publishing that pretty much charts his success with eBooks and ePublishing. He has probably become more famous for his venture away from traditional publishing and into ePublishing than he was for his great novels. A bunch of us aspiring authors as well as established authors follow Joes blog religiously.

So did Kiana. She recently wrote to Joe the following letter: “


"Dear Joe Konrath...this may never reach you. You must have millions of fans. Nonetheless, I need to write and express my gratitude to you.
My last three novels were pretty good sellers. Scribner's, Ballantine, you know the drill. A few years ago, sales dropped drastically, no more royalties, the recession hit and I started living on my meager savings. Other than that all I own are 3 acres of land here, which in this market no one wants to buy. I don't even own a house….please read the whole letter here at Joe’s site : A Newby’s Guide To Publishing it is damn inspiring.

But, beyond the inspiration and the Depression and Writers topic, here’s the amazing thing. When Joe posted his blog this morning, Kiana’s collection of short stories was ranked #134,555 on Amazon. In the past few hours the book has climbed to #305 and it isn’t done yet. It is up 40,071% today. No, I did not miss a decimal pint. It has risen 40,000 plus percent! Look here: Movers & Shakers in the Kindle Store and is now number 1. for the day. Did all that happen from Joe’s post? Maybe not, but the way things go viral on the net, it wouldn’t surprise me. If I was one of the Big Six that turned this lady down, I’d be scarred. I’d be very scarred.


The Dirty Lowdown


  1. Up to #273 and Kindle Nation has picked up the story

  2. Well, as of an hour ago this book went from a ranking of 134,155 to number 92. In one day!

  3. Dear Dirty Lowdown...I only just came across this site written several months back about my ebook HOUSE OF SKIN PRIZE-WINNING STORIES, and I want to thank you so much for your posting of it! I am still new at all this digital technology and hope you receive this message.

    I would also like to announce my new ebook, a followup to HOUSE OF SKIN which is entitled CANNIBAL NIGHTS, PACIFIC STORIES, VOLUME II. Its available on Amazon Kindle and all other apps. Thank you so much and my alohas from Hawii...Kiana Daven[ort