Thursday, March 24, 2011

Barry Eisler Explains Self-Publishing Decision - The Daily Beast


Bestselling thriller writer Barry Eisler shocked the publishing world with his decision to go it alone.

I’ve been reading Barry Eisler’s books since he published his first, Rain Fall, featuring Japanese-American assassin John Rain. I have read his blog, Heart Of The Matter almost as long. About a year ago, on another blog (Dear Author) I caught an article that made me laugh, but made me think too. The article more or less dealt with authors being afraid to speak out against their publishers, even when the covers of books were just wrong, for instance racial misrepresentation. The article stated that authors didn’t want to be labeled as troublesome for fear of losing future book publications. Barry Eislers part in the article concerned the recent foreign edition of his book, Fault Line which was being released with this coverEisler-Couv-fault-line-Connexion-fatale-e1264489030117 in that country….which shall remain nameless…..Barry’s complaint laid out in a letter to that publisher is reproduced at Dear Author and is quite fun, so give it a read, but the gist was “The cover you plan to use for my seventh novel, Fault Line, pictured below, is inexcusably bad. It’s not just bad for my book; it would be bad for *any* book.”

After I stopped laughing, I thought, you know, Mr. Eisler knows a whole lot more about “selling books” than the publisher! He should take over his own publishing and marketing. Well, he did. And turned down a big two book deal to do it. Read about it here at the Daily Beast

Barry Eisler Explains Self-Publishing Decision - The Daily Beast

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