Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CD Review: “The Love Thief” Eddie Grey


Eclectic pop rock, indie funk, call it what you want but Eddie Grey delivers a good time on The Love Thief Sessions. It’s an intricate mix of musical know-how and diverse backgrounds filtered through some very good vision musically and compositionally.

The band is singer/songwriter/guitarist Eddie Grey, drummer/percussionist Patrick
Coggins, and bass player Kevin Comden. They've played alongside Plain White T's, stood in for Alien Ant Farm's drummer, and collaborated with Baby Bash, Paula D'Anda, Eddie Murphy, and Nicholas "RAS" Furlong.

Maybe you wouldn’t expect musical mastery to emanate from Compton, Calif. but that is exactly where Eddie Grey grew up. he chose to study music, all genre of music in order to escape the chaos of the city known more for it’s gangs than it bands. But, he also absorbed the hectic influences and they become a thing of beauty when they seep through into his music. Just take a listen:

Eddie Grey “The Love Thief”

You’ll hear jazz influences, neo-folk, indie rock, funk/r&b, and reggae. This album chronicles two people falling in love and dealing with modern life. What becomes clear from the first track is Eddie is a very good guitar player and the rest of the band are just as professional. What also becomes clear is that musical excess, extended solos, ego’s crashing about the score take a back seat to the song. Eddie set out to tell a story inside the song and that story is what is paramount.

The Love Thief Sessions, available on iTunes, and hopefully soon on CD from all the usual places, is and excellent EP and a great introduction to a band that should garner a lot of main stream attention without compromising that indie feel. I look forward to hearing more from Eddie Grey and the band check his website for show dates or booking info.


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  1. Cool site, Eddy Gray and his band sound promessing, no doubt they'll make it. Keep up on going guys, it's in you.

  2. thank u much. grateful for all the positive luv n support