Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Free Books! 1st Ever Author Interview–Mike Faricy


Mike and I have finished the interview and I am transcribing it as we, errr,transcribe. It’ll be posted at Noon Pacific time tomorrow and you can start Commenting, emailing either one of us and let us know which book from Mike’s catalog you’d like to receive. be sure to login with either a Google ID, or an Open ID with an email address so we can send you your book. Be sure to tell your friends. It’s going to be fun.

Mike Fairicy T MINUS 48 HOURS (or there abouts) AND COUNTING: “Good News! Just spoke to Mike, and his flight arrived from Ireland without incident and he Was Not  detained by Homeland Security, despite the Bag Pipes! So, all systems are go for the interview. Book Mark this page, stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook  so you don’t miss the interview. It promises to be entertaining and you get a FREE eBook when you leave a comment or drop either of us a line.”

Wanted to give all three regular readers a heads up. The Dirty Lowdown will be conducting our first ever author interview this weekend with author Mike Faricy. I reviewed Mike’s latest bizarrely entertaining crime novel, Russian Roulette about a week ago, and found it hugely entertaining. Mike is in transit from Dublin, Ireland to St. Paul, Minnesota as we speak, err…blog.Russian Roulette 

Here’s the pay off. Anyone who reads the interview this weekend and leaves a comment or contacts Mike through the blog will receive, gratis (that means free) their choice of an eBook from Mikes catalog. Your choice of formats. So, fire up your eReaders and leave a comment, preferably a nice one, pretend your mother might read it….What’s that? You don’t have an eReader? No worries. You can also download for the reasonable price of absolutely nothing an app for your PC, Mac or Smart Phone that will allow you to read almost any eBook on that device. You can get the Kindle App by clicking on this link on the right side of the page reached by following here. The Barnes & Noble app is here. So,if you have never tried an eBook, here’s your chance to try them for free. Mikes eBooks are flawlessly formatted and the cover art is great. he even has some entertaining stories about the covers he might just convey if you ask real nice and don’t say anything derogatory about his Bag Pipe playing. Bag Pipes? Yup, Mike’s been a soldier, a freelance journalist, a bartender, a seller of designer cakes, as well as owner of a painting and decorating company. On the off-chance that none of his paying jobs managed to offend you, he also play bagpipes in the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band.

Faricy img2

Mike is one of America's hottest new mystery writer. A Minnesota native Mike is currently working on his seventh cross-genre thriller, creating yet another suspenseful crime caper populated by unforgettable characters working their way through twisting action-packed plots. Storyteller Faricy builds webs of crime and murder that sorely test his protagonists' abilities and ingenuity. Their struggles attract all kinds of bad company, with nail-bitingly hazardous and darkly comic results.Faricy Img

Feel free to browse all of Mike's books, available electronically through , through ,, for download to your computer or other reading device, such as the Kindle or Nook. Mike splits his time between Dublin and St. Paul (the settings for many of his books). He is a reporter and columnist for local publications when not writing or researching novels. You can find articles, stories and Irish travel disasters to read in their entirety on the "Other Writings" page.

So, guys and gals, down load the appropriate app, make sure to charge up your eReader before the weekend, and go peruse Mikes catalog and pick out the title you want. Then, look for the interview this weekend in which I ask nary a question about books, but lots about Bag Pipe Music…just kidding. Oh, and leave a comment or drop one of us an email with your preferred title and format. We’ll provide contact info in the interview, so no jumping the gun.

The Dirty Lowdown


  1. I read your email from Book Blogs. Your blog looks interesting and I am looking forward to reading the interview!

  2. It promises to be fun Coreena, and don't forget to pick out one of Mike's books, they are a blast.

  3. I'm all for free books and Mike's good storytelling!

  4. Michelle McKinleyApril 29, 2011 at 9:26 AM

    Mike's book Russian Roulette sounds like a great read. I am sure I will enjoy the book as I enjoy your blog equally so.

  5. The interview will be posted in about one hour. I know you will enjoy it, Michelle.

  6. Mike - just finished Merlot. Loved and can't wait the read the others. Sandie Schmidt Honsa

  7. Mike - I had to sign in as anonymous - my email is Send my free ebook.