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CD Review: “Always You” by Michael Addison

Michael Addison

Always You

This transplanted Philly acoustic guitar troubadour has crafted an album of marvelous ballads, rock tinged indie pop and in places nearly epic chamber music piece. He not only blesses us with insightful, romantic song writing but a voice that reaches sweet highs and baritone lows and all in the right places.

It’s easy to see and hear why Los Angles has adopted him as a favorite son on the music circuit. It’s also  a cinch that he’ll draw the best and brightest musicians to play his music. Here he is joined by that great drummer from the chart topping main stream band ‘Collective Soul’, Ryan Hoyle  and the veteran of Carnegie Hall (with the Houston Symphony), and sessions with Usher, Justin Timberlake, and numerous movie scores, Christine Wu on all strings. Ryan HoyleChristine Wu Larry Marciano lends his Jim Morrison-like voice, electric and acoustic guitars and production skills to the set.   LarryMarciano1

They are joined in the studio by Mikey Hachey on bass, from the ska band, Urban Legends, Carl Byron on keys and Vanessa Bryan on backing vocals.

For a debut record, Addison has shown courage in offering up songs of complex melodies and some daring vocals. The album has a mainstream feel, but still retains that Indie rock/pop vibe. With his song writing talents, musical vision and that rangy voice, not to mention some respectable guitar work reminiscent of the Goo Goo Dolls, Dashboard Confessional and The Foo Fighters, he should get a lot of mileage.

Michael Addison “Come Back To Me”

Michael Addison is starting production on his sophomore release on Leap day, February 29, so bookmark his site (follow the link above) and follow the progress, and check for any tour dates. Ad while you are at it, get the record from all the usual places. You’ll be hearing his name a lot, no doubt.


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