Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Burn Them! The 15 Greatest Movies Based On Banned Books.



Burn Them! The 15 Greatest Movies Based On Banned Books.

It’s National Banned Book Week, everyone! The most wonderful time of the year! It’s my personal preference to celebrate this giant “F*ck You, Censorship” holiday with an ironic BBQ and by revisiting some of my favorite old smutty books. But given that this here site is more movie watchin’ oriented than book learnin’ oriented, I thought I’d give you guys some filmic options you can watch in order to stick it to the man. So here, in absolutely no particular order (because that’s not the conversation I want to have today) are the 15 greatest movies based on censored, challenged, banned and even burned books. Enjoy them with a charbroiled burger and your middle finger firmly aloft. America, f*ck yeah.

The Lord of the Rings: It’s hard to believe that a benign but bloody book about two gay best friends, some elves and dwarves was ever on a banned list, but some fundamentalists consider Tolkien’s work to be “irreligious.” Which is odd given Tolkien’s devout Catholicism and his friendship with renowned Jesus Lion creator C.S. Lewis. Point of fact, Tolkein once told Lewis that The Lord of the Rings was a “fundamentally religious and Christian work; unconsciously so at first, but consciously in the revision.” It may not surprise anyone to know that the primitive Powers That Be in New Mexico actually burned a heap of Tolkien’s work outside the Christ Community Church as recently as 2001. Weirdly, that burning coincided with the release of Peter Jackson’s first film in the trilogy (sextology?), The Fellowship of the Rings. I’m sure the fundies


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