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Album Review: “Josh Doyle” by Josh Doyle


Josh Doyle, the founder of UK pop rock outfit The Dumdums has beat the odds and resurrected himself from the dust of yet another band that faded away after initial success. It’s not often the music business allows you a second chance, no matter how good you are. But this album, Josh Doyle, proves that talent, in the end will win out.

The Dumdums were  formed in 1997, the band spent their early years gigging in small venues. Behind the songwriting and vocal talent of Doyle , him and Steve Clarke - bass and vocals, and  Stuart 'Baxter' Wilkinson - drums and vocals, signed a management contract with Modernwood Management, and then signed to Wildstar Records in March 1999. The Dumdum’s debut single, "Everything", produced by Steve Power was released on 28 February 2000. The second single, "Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts" was released on 26 June 2000 and reached number 18 in the UK chart. On 18 September 2000, their debut album, It goes without saying , again produced by Power, was released in the UK. It received favorable reviews from the music press, with the band being compared to Green Day, The Police, Blink 182, Elvis Costello and The Jam. A third single, "You Do Something To Me" was released a week prior to the album, and this reached number 27. The music video for this song, inspired by Queen's "I Want to Break Free" promo, featured Doyle and Wilkinson in drag. The song was used as the theme tune to the CBBC show Xchange, and they performed the song on the last episode of the series. Before they were done the album spawned
four UK Top 30 hits, earning them a supporting spot on tour with Robbie Williams. They supported Bon Jovi at Wembley Stadium and also performed at Glastonbury, T In The Park, V2000 and several roadshows and outdoor gigs organized by local radio stations.

The band went into the studio on three occasions in 2001, recording demo versions of the songs that would eventually comprise their second album, but before the album could be released the band split up. The story is as old as pop music. But Doyle, who wrote his first song at 13 wasn’t ready to throw in the towel.

Josh Doyle “I Figured The World Out”

Doyle relocated to Nashville and began crafting and independently releasing the EPs The End of Fear, Values and Virtues and Middletown, and Songs From The Nuclear War Vol. 1 & 2. In 2012, behind the strength of the song “I Figured The World Out",” Doyle won Guitar Center's Singer-Songwriter competition, beating out 17,000 competitors and receiving a three-song EP by Grammy Award-winning producer John Shanks.

This self-titled album, Josh Doyle acts as his solo debut, coming almost 12 years since he first tasted success in the music world. What we get are 10 marvelous tracks that really go beyond pop music. In fact, it’s hard to pigeon hole his music. It’s introspective. Wears its heart on its sleeve, and touches audiences on a very personal level. Doyle has a voice that expresses a range of emotions and his talents as a first class songwriter need no build up, just take a listen. In ways he reminds me of a young James Taylor in the way his music gets intimate with the listener. On other songs I am reminded of Jack Johnson or Dave Matthews. There’s no pretense here. Take a listen to “Solarstorms” the first single.

“Solarstorms” Josh Doyle

The album is worth the price on the strength of “Solarstorms” but that is not the only gem on the album. There are no throw aways here. The entire album is a display of tasty morsels of wow! “Swallow The World” is a tune about trying to “suffer the slings and arrows” of life and facing the fact that it can all get to be too much. “My Jerusalem” is a radio ready pop song that displays more of that personal songwriting talent and also some great arranging. The subject on this tune is facing your devils and winning out through your faith.

“This Transcendent Ache” is a love song about trying to find the meaning of being in love. “Is this road going anywhere, which path should I chose. I just want to know the future, because I am so confused.” “When Your Heart Can’t Make Up Its Mind” continues the theme of searching for love and how do you know…? “I Want To Break Your Mended Heart” has a catchy little guitar hook on this deeply personal alt rock tune that covers a wide range of emotion as the music builds to an angst ridden questioning. Take a listen:

“I Want To Break Your Mended Heart” Josh Doyle

With this album, Josh has seized the moment and is poised to make the best of this second chance by delivering an uncompromising set of songs. His songwriting talent is among the best. His performances of the material grab the listener from the moment he faces the mic. With big music business muscle behind him, and the best talent in the world backing him up, the next chapter is bound to be the greatest for Josh Doyle.

  • Original Release Date: October 23, 2012 Label: CTK Records/Corporate Ogre Records Copyright: CTK Records/Corporate Ogre Records Total Length: 38:27 Genres:Alternative Rock ASIN: B009MP69XG

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