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Open Road media has published some marvelous eBooks recently and now they have a feature called “Stories With Grit”.  Timed with The Cork International Short Story Festival (formerly the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival), they're highlighting some favorite story collections—each as gutsy and gritty as it gets.

I’ve included some of the excerpts below, just to get you ‘hooked’ but visit their page to look at the entire collection. Open Road has brought back some classics, and also given us some so to be classics in every genre. What’s more is their eBooks are beautifully formatted. So take a look.

Stories with Grit

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

There are stories, and then there are stories. Stories that grab you by the collar, knock you around a bit. Stories that drive fast cars and smoke hand-rolled cigarettes. Stories that good girls don't take home to meet their parents. Stories with grit.

This week we're taking a moment to relish the raw, edgy magnificence of those stories. Southern noir, gothic crime, dark humor, urban fiction, we love it all. And we know you do, too. So we've highlighted some of our favorite story collections—each as gutsy and gritty as it gets.

You and Me and the Devil Makes Three: Three new stories by three of the most ambitious and talented names in urban fiction — Jess Walter, Luis Alberto Urrea, and Aaron Gwyn.

You and Me and the Devil Makes Three: Esquire's Fiction for Men (Excerpt)

The Cocaine Chronicles edited by Gary Phillips and Jervey Tervalon: An ambitious anthology of jaw-grinding criminal behavior, this collection chronicles that most troubling and fascinating of substances, producing a series of original short stories that are funny andharrowing, sad and scary, but at all times riveting.

The Cocaine Chronicles by Gary Phillips (Excerpt by Laura Lippman)

Red Dirt Marijuana an Other Stories by Terry Southern: An underground classic, Red-Dirt Marijuana is a brilliant collection of incisive, darkly comic, devastating stories and wide-ranging pieces by America’s master satirist.

                                           Red Dirt Marijuana and Other Tastes by Terry Southern (Excerpt)

Want more? We also pulled together a collection of excerpts for you to peruse—find your next great read in our Stories with Grit Scribd Collection.


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