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Album Review: “Live At Bluesville” by Suzie Vinnick

Live At Bluesville

Live at Bluesville
  • Original Release Date: May 22, 2012 Label: Suzie Vinnick Copyright: 2012 Suzie Vinnick
  • Total Length: 27:27 Genres: Blues  Folk  ASIN: B007YO7MLA

This is a nice piece of acoustic folk/blues from north of the border. A native of Saskatoon, Vinnick is now working out of Toronto. She’s got a powerful and rangy voice that fits the country blues format just beautifully. The 2009 recipient of a Juno nomination for roots & traditional album of the year.

An adept bass player, she is a wonderful acoustic blues player, incorporating some wonderful slide work into her repertoire. Live At Bluesville is a mix of roots and blues tunes recorded by Suzie and her parlour guitar, Mabel – the music will appeal to fans of her 2011 album, Me 'n' Mabel and her earlier, roots-music based album, Happy Here.

After winning numerous awards for playing, singing and writing the blues, Suzie Vinnick  finally put out a blues album under her own name, Me 'n' Mabel . She has been into the blues since her teens, and has been a perennial nominee and six-time winner of the Canadian Maple Blues awards for her work with such blues players as Rick Fines. And while she has three previous critically-acclaimed folk-roots albums under her belt, including one that earned her a 2009 Juno nomination, this was her first solo outing as a blues artist.

The reception of Me 'n' Mabel  led to traveling many of the musical roads that acoustic blues takes her. Recorded live in November 2011 at BB King’s Bluesville, this is a nice sampling of her varied styles and influences.

“Oreo Cookie Blues” Suzie Vinnick

A number of the tunes Vinnick performs here would be gospel blues, songs like “Calling Out Your Name” and “Shelter Me”. One stand out track is the Stevie Winwood tune, from the Blind Faith album, “Can’t Find My Way Home”. Vinnick really shows off her slide abilities and renders this classic tune as an iconic blues.

All in all, a nice acoustic blues album to add to your collection.


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