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EP Review: “The Grey Area” by Friend Slash Lover


The Grey Area

Having honed their chops at Los Angeles clubs such as The Roxy Theater, The Viper Room, Bootleg Theatre and Skinny's Lounge, FSL continues to grow as a cohesive unit which is very apparent on this, their second offering following 2010s As American As Ones and Zeros.

The indie rockers deliver here an emotional take on life experiences that cover such subjects as the jaded people in the scene which is Los Angles on the opener, “As Seen On TV”. The track has a punk rock atheistic and is riff heavy as front man Josh Mintz, delivers the tune with smooth vocals laid down over the infectious hook. On the title track Mintz showcases his rangy vocal chops through a thought provoking take on relationships. The tune build to an epic climax as the narrator grow more and more bemused that his lover seems to grow detached.

“Where Have I Been All My Life”
The one cover tune here is  XTCs “Dear God” a controversial track in its original state. Mintz does it justice as the band delivers a tight, head banging performance.

The band hasn’t released any videos for this EP as of yet, but to give you a taste of what it’s all about, take a look at “Where Have I Been All My Life” from the 2010 album.

Josh Mintz vocals and songwriting have a very indie rock feeling to them while still being pop worthy. He’s found a worthy partner in bassist Frank Day and they have teamed up with lead player Greg Pajer and Jake Hayden to bang the drums. Mintz has talent as a songwriter and that may just be the vehicle that drives these guys to success.

It’s a heavy sound, but shows a certain maturity and purpose. FSLThe introspective and sometimes cynical wonder that the lyrics display act as sort of a road map through the glitz and the glam.

The influences here seem to cover a wide swath of genre’s, from Pink Floyd to Green Day all with the fingerprint of ethereal rock that is a welcome relief from the usual generic pop sound found too many places today. As it delves in to an edgier hard rock sound it also avoids a total retreat to mosh pits and heavy metal. This is what indie rock is all about.

It’s be interesting to watch these guys grow. Pick up the EP in all the usual places and you can now stream them Spotify as well as Pandora.

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