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CD Review: “Two At a Time” by The Two Man Gentlemen Band


Two at a Time

This may look like a reissue from some small label slapped together on a college campus in the ‘50s, and that’s what it’s supposed to look and sound like. One reviewer hit the nail on the head when he said “It’s as if the Smothers Brothers were young today, wore better suits, and wrote hot jazz songs about drinking.”  Only half tongue in cheek, they really aren’t a retro band…well, yes they are with Brylcreem in their hair and the white suits and string ties. With songs like “Two Star Motel” and “Pool Party” it’s not hard to figure out what they have in mind. With the drink in hand,  the duo of tenor guitarist Andy Bean and string bassist Fuller Condon write and perform humorous tunes that pay tribute to that swinging lifestyle of 1950s Palm Springs, Palm Beach or anywhere there were girls in floral print dresses and rhinestone horn-rimmed sunglasses. These two guys should be sitting in the back of a ‘59 Cadillac El Dorado convertible with a cocktail shaker and a ukulele.

They are expert instrumentalists, former street-performers, and consummate showmen. They update and modernize the Slim and Slam persona with their novelty jazz/roots/blues/back-alley hokum music. And it feels good. It’s Jimmy Buffett meets Leon Redbone and Charlie Christian brought his guitar while Louis Jordan provided the drinks and some songs. The lyrics are decidedly silly and the banter is hilarious.

The Two Man Gentlemen Band “Pork Chops”
This one hit the street on May 1 when it tumbled out of a cardboard suitcase, tied together with twine. Recorded, designed, and packaged without any computers or digital technology, available on CD, download, and limited edition 12″ vinyl. Only 400 vinyl LPs were pressed and half of them are already gone, so get ‘em while you can! Everything’s available in the Two Man Gentlemen Band Store.

Usher in the summer with this fun, retro album. It’s a blast. They’ll be on tour through June, so check the website for dates.


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  1. Two Man Gentleman Band was just in Port Angeles, WA at our Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts...and they were charming, talented and yes, they sang quite a few songs about enjoying a little drink or a little toke. We loved them and hope they come back! http://jffa.org