Sunday, August 21, 2011

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Discuss books and stories after you've read them. Be warned! Spoilers appear here!

Author Jan Burke created this site as a way to allow authors and readers to discuss books without fear of causing riots on lists and blogs, and without spoiling the fun of those who haven’t read those books yet.

We’re in the early stages of setting this up, and new books and authors are being added. Please keep coming back!

We also hope the site will improve as I continue to learn how the hell to use Word Press.


Jan Burke

PS If you are an author who would like to be added, please read Information for Authors.

About « Spoilerville


This is a great site for discussion between authors and readers, if you have ever wanted to ask about plot points, characters or practically anything that might be considered a “spoiler” and therefore shouldn’t be in a review then this site is where to do it. Jan has made it free for authors, readers and fans. I have put a permanent like in my Blog List further down the page on the left (where the left column splits into two columns).  Join in the fun. And, thanks Jan.

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