Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crime Fiction Collective: Books for Charity: Helping a Family in Joplin

My friends over at Crime Fiction Collective are holding a charity even today one their blog.

Posted by L.J. Sellers
As I watched families pick through the rubble of their homes, looking for shoes for their kids, I felt sickened and helpless. As helpless as they must have felt to see the tornado coming and not be able to do anything but hide and hope for the best. I tried to imagine what it would feel to have lost everything and not have enough money to rent a motel room for the week.

Crime Fiction Collective: Books for Charity: Helping a Family in Joplin

Please jump over there, and contribute what you can. Crime Fiction Collective is six published authors, editors and partners in crime with a marvelous blog, and it is very generous of them to hold this event to help out the people in Joplin whose city was just devastated by a tornado.

They’re raising money to help a family in Joplin, Missouri. Drew and I have pledged 100% our Amazon book royalties (print and digital) for the next four days to this charitable cause, and Judith has pledged 25% of her e-book royalties through Memorial day.
The amount of money we raise will be up to readers. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to buy some great books and donate to a good cause at the same time. Here’s a list of the participating novels with links to Amazon.
Drew’s bestselling title: While the Savage Sleeps
L.J.’s bestselling Detective Jackson mysteries:
The Sex Club
Secrets to Die For
Thrilled to Death
Passions of the Dead
Dying for Justice
And standalone thrillers:
The Baby Thief
The Suicide Effect
Judith’s guilty pleasure Skeeter Hughes mysteries:
Where’s Billy?
Whose Hand?
Another way to help out is to spread the word. Use Facebook, Twitter, or any of your online accounts to let other readers know about this charitable cause.

Thanks in advance.

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