Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday in the Park

Never mind the apologists for Andrew Breitbart  trying to sell us the story that he was duped by his ‘source’. Chief among these apologists is Ann Coulter. Before trying to convince us that it is “somebody else’s fault” that Breitbart and Fox didn’t check their source, shouldn’t they remember what happened to Dan Rather and 60 Minutes after they used forged documents as a basis for a story about George Bush's National Guard non-service? Any serious journalist will tell you that one of the first responsibilities is to check your source. Of course, accepting Fox as responsible journalism or Breitbart as the same would take a lot of doing lately.

Breitbart's fraud video validates what Fox" already fervently believed about the Obama administration". As Chris Martinez points out in his Blog Inside Out The Beltway, it was the "proof" of the black version of institutional racism” they had been waiting for all this time. It didn’t take very long to uncover their fear and loathing as a trumped up charge. Right wing activists hell-bent on discrediting and destroying the first black president - wingnuts whose  slanders and propaganda are legitimated and turned "mainstream" by attention-hungry media organizations and, most of all, a full-time, round-the-clock, right-wing opposition research and propaganda operation posing as a cable news network.

Fox and the like are such hate/fear mongers that instead of uncovering proof of racism as many honest media have about some Tea Party leaders, and the Tea Party’s failure to “refudiate” the racists that they have attracted (with the exception of the expulsion of Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express ). They are left to manufacture lies and sell them to their rapt viewers in prime time.

I can only believe that there are enough scared white folks out there that want to believe that the survival of the country depends on keeping minority groups “in their place” and anytime those groups gain a position of equality, it couldn’t of been on merit, but had to be a conspiracy. Never mind that it is almost impossible for reverse racism to exist. Racism itself depends on “having power”. The power to oppress, the power to deny a job, equal pay, equal benefits, equal housing,equal standing in society. Sure, there are bigots (as opposed to racists) in every ethnic group. As some fear mongers would have us believe about the New Black Panther Party. But the NBPP doesn’t have the power to oppress, they only have the power to intimidate. And not much of that. The only racism in this country that has that power to oppress is white racism. And maybe that is what the right wing is afraid of. With a black man in the White House, they are loosing their grip on that power.


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